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Our vision is to enhance and educate, by providing programs and services that revitalize,  restructure, rejuvenate and meet the needs of at-risk youth, families in need, seniors and, developmentally disabled adults 

The project will be executed in the following 4 components: 

Component 1 - Prevention,  Component 2 - Intervention, Component 3 - Redemption and Component 4 - Ascension.

Component 1) Prevention: Prevention is the central program of VOIC that will be achieved through restoring the arts, i.e.: music, poetry, woodshop, cooking, drama & fashion, and computer science/enrichment to areas that have been deprived of such programs. Specifically as an after school/weekend & summer program that will minimize the risk of latchkey kids by providing a safe environment for stimulating their physical, mental, emotional and social development while maintaining a strong spiritual emphasis throughout.

Component 2) Intervention: Intervention focuses on VOIC as a liaison between the school and the home of children who are falling behind and failing. The program will provide needed intervention that working and/or struggling parents are unable to provide, due to time constraints and/or the inability to communicate with school officials. We will work with a team of educators & tutors that will provide one on one assistance-similar to that of Sylvan Learning Centers, w/o the cost. Music, arts, etc. will also be a part of this phase. We will work directly with school staff to develop a "Strategy for Success" for these students and work with the parent(s) and student on execution. Intervention will minimize school drop-out ratios.

Component 3) Redemption: Redemption focuses on turnaround. We're going after the gang members, drug dealers & high-school drops. As these souls are redeemed, they will need an alternative. Many drug dealers and gang members house entrepreneur gifting’s which need to be re-directed. We will tap into these gifting’s and train them to run and own businesses. The program will include life and work skills training. Many of these are also high-school dropouts, as such, we will collaborate with current programs that assist in securing high school diploma's and GED's.

Component 4) Ascension: Ascension focuses on moving up.  VOIC will provide re-entry assistance and redevelopment programs for those coming out of prisons, transitioning from the foster care system and those with developmental disabilities, allowing them to ascend above their current state of mind as well as state of being. Re-entry programs will focus on the transformation of one’s mind "So as a man thinks in his heart so is he." Through life skills development and job training, as well as providing life coaching and counseling, these persons will be afforded the opportunity to become self-sufficient and productive members in their communities.



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