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Mission Statement:  

We are committed to the highest level of integrity in interaction with the program partners, parents, and visitors daily.  Our mission statement is to create an atmosphere of harmony, interpersonal relationship, compassion and respect amongst each other primarily for the program partners and the staff.  We have designed our day program to assist each unique and diverse partner with respect to their talents, skills, and developmental disabilities.  We recognize that each program partner has something to bring to the table and we are here to collect, utilize, enhance, and safeguard the personal information shared with us during daily interaction.   This mission statement will be continuously assessed against new team building skills, changes in leading edge technology, business practices and most importantly, our program partner’s needs. 


  • Provide quality progressive daily tasks and activities to promote and motivate independence in the program partners with developmental disabilities. 

  • Provide a conducive environment of freedom of speech.

  • Provide constructive feedback immediately when deemed necessary.

  • Encourage program partners to join daily tasks, activities and appreciate them as their successes and challenges.

  • Provide day-to-day hands on training as well as offer support/counseling to program partners.

  • Develop the building skills of program partners for continuous growth and development.


SELF-EMPOWERMENT – With the relearning of dormant skills and acquiring new skills performed safely in a safe and caring work environment, the program partners will feel valuable and increase self-esteem.

PRIDE – With each accomplishment or challenge overcome, the program partners will feel proud of themselves 

ACCOUNTABILITY – Each program partners will be accountable to the task assigned to them from beginning to completion.

RESPONSIBILITY – Each program partners will be given a task/activity that they will be responsible for.  They will be responsible to remove any roadblocks to complete a task/activity and will be supported should they need help.

INDEPENDENCE - Each program partners will be asked to work independently on task/activity to foster independence and ownership upon completion.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH – Each partner will be given the liberty to share their ideas of the task/activity with everyone.  Appreciation is welcome, while criticisms will not be allowed.  Constructive criticisms, if applicable.

SELF ADVOCACY – Each partner will be encouraged to show their interest on a task/activity they want to explore or share with the group.


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